"The new slavery of all is cloaked in a modern, technological form,
whose essence resembles the feudalism of ages past."

Eulogy for the Human Spirit
(an existential essay-poem lamenting our present
condition of global corporate inauthenticity)

BY: Marc Eliuk
LE NOUVEAU MONDE VERT, Vol.1, No.1, 2008

What is this infinite loneliness which claws at my soul,
tearing me day and night, with perplexing anxieties,
then silence?

As usual people ram theology into unsuspecting psyches,
always advocating answers, but all with the same questions.

Wars of the gods, yet they remain silent to human ears.
Who is listening to the language of angels,
and devils, far beneath the level of thought?

Or has this also been forgotten?
The only remaining spirits are those which lie to us.

An orphaned human race, where the greatest need is acceptance,
yet loneliness now permeates us all.

Where is the Mecca of emotional intimacy that
we all seek but seem never to find?...

Laminating our core and covering our being with layers
upon layers of masks, never expressing how we really feel;

Ostracizing the few who really do, each time sharpening
the blade that we use, in the slow suicide of our species.

Are we destined to be inwardly alone, as humanity slowly withers,
shunning depth, in lieu of the superficial?

Shall phenomenology be banned, with only an obscure few
daring to make an effort to see through the moccasins of their brothers?

And shall those who dare to care be bruised for not being homogeneous
in this subconscious self-destruction that the masses appear to seek?

Shall we trade our souls for the commercialism of the few
who own us all, themselves destitute in what really matters,
as they enslave even the nations...

Thereby taking a course resembling a war with the rest of humanity
wrapped in the packaging of economic prosperity,
as we drink from the nipples of global destruction?

The new slavery of all is cloaked in a modern, technological form,
whose essence resembles the feudalism of ages past;

Yet we aid it along, conditioned as complacent cows, chewing and staring,
failing to grasp the big picture in lieu of the latest tools of our own subduing.

How I lament humanity,
and loathe for the future.

© 2008 Marc Eliuk