le nouveau monde vert VOL. 1, NO. 1, 2008
a journal of progressive literature and art
for the new eco-spiritual renaissance

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From the editors:
Introducing the first issue of LNMV

LE NOUVEAU MONDE VERT ("new green world") is a literary e-journal devoted to nonviolent social and personal transformation. It features 'green guerrilla' art, literature, philosophy, humour, political commentary, and links to a variety of organizations that promote progressive social change, alternative lifestyles and heightened spirituality.

Our reach is international, and open to a variety of philosophical, religious, and artistic persuasions. We are particularly interested in receiving contributions whose broad vision will help encourage others in the human community to think/feel beyond the narrow cycles of greed, fear, violence, despair, cynicism, mutual exploitation and environmental destruction that characterize the present corporate-materialist world order--which increasingly dominates our lives as subjects of pseudo-democratic governments, as disempowered employees, and as addicted consumers of packaged products and electronic media.

In historical periods when there is a critical loss of vision, it is often 'alternative' visionaries -- philosophers, artists and mystics living outside the mainstream of society -- who first begin to hold up the lamp to a possible new path, to a creative rebirth of mind and spirit. We are seeking creative contributions from writers, poets, e-painters, humourists and political organizers who possess the fresh vision to help articulate what must 'come next'--if our children, and their children, hope to prosper in a world in which there will be enlightened tolerance, respect for the shared global ecosystem, spiritual peace, equality, real democracy (as opposed to 'the manufacture of consent', 'regime changes', 'electoral coups') and real freedom (as opposed to 'free trade'). We seek articulators of this 'new green world', of the coming global renaissance that lies beyond the present neo-feudal corporate dark ages.

Persons interested in contributing materials for the next issue(s) of LNMV, or in being considered for our (still-forming) editorial board, please feel free to contact the editors at lnmveditors@yahoo.co.uk with your ideas. We are particularly interested in publishing progressive-enlightened art, poetry, short stories, political commentary, book/movie/game reviews, and e-links to useful internet resources that foster personal/social/spiritual transformation and consciousnessness-raising.

We are open to a variety of artistic styles, spiritual practices, political viewpoints, and approaches to advocating positive social change. The one restriction, and it is a firm one, is that we will not consider publishing material that our editorial board deems to be advocating hate, prejudice, exploitation or violence as solutions to human problems. Note that this does not preclude passionate expressions (for example in submitted poems) of existential angst, frustration, despair, felt anger at degenerate institutions/politicians, or vivid descriptions of the horrors of violence and war. These are among the symptoms of our present sick civilization, and so must be expressed as candidly as possible in order to understand and overcome those ailments.

the editors, LNMV